Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another Hot Day - Monday

Again, despite the weather, my teaching schedule runs as normal. I think the weather reached 40 Celcius and it really affected my students: less concentration & sleepy =)

James (12) comes @ 4.30pm on time. He just started his lesson with me on January this year. He was taught suzuki before, and now, he wants to be able to read the notes. We use Bastien Piano Basics Lesson & Technic Book. He's sight reading is actually good, it's just that he never been encourage to read the book while he plays. So now, we are working really hard on building the right habit. On top of this, he likes jazz! he always plays a small riff during the lesson & I just need to teach him about chords. He's brilliant!

Hendrik comes after James. Actually, I was refered by Hendrik's mom to James' mom, because these 2 boys are best bud. Unlike last week, this week Rik comes in very cheerfully (Despite the hot weather). He memorized 2 pieces out of 3. Bravo! We are working on the last piece for the exam. The progression is slow, but sure.

Stefanie comes @ 6.30pm after she finished her full-time work. She finished learning all the technical work requirement so now, she just needs to refine them. Like Hendrik, Stef is learning her last piece "I've Got Rhythm" by George Gershwin. She struggles in getting the rhythm & the jazz feels (Which falls on the 2 & 4 beats) because Stef is a very classical-student, but she took the challenge for her grade 8 exam. I suggest that she learn the notes first without worrying what she struggles in & later we can work on the rhythm by listening to the recording.

Daniel comes after Stef. Last week, he was away to a beach school camp. Daniel is another brilliant student. He finished learning all the technical work & the pieces. We just need to work on the other requirements: sight reading & general knowledge. Daniel just started his lesson on January.

Stanley is the last student for the day. This week, he struggles on dotted crotchet & quaver notes. At first, I taught him to count "1 n 2 N 3 n 4 N". He got that very quickly. Then count "1 2 N 3 4 N" and he got it as well. Then now, he just wants to feel the rhythm. So we'll see how it goes next week.

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