Friday, March 14, 2008

Hot Sunny Thursday

Yesterday, the weather was hot & dry, Max 39 Celcius. But regardless the weather, I still went to my students' house to teach my lovely 3 girls: Eva (10), Audra (13) & Ruby (16).

Audra was away for the school camp, so we started with Ruby, who is taking Grade 3 exam. She wasn't feeling well yesterday, she probably got a flu. But despite that, she still wanted to have a short piano lesson. This week, she really improves alot! She played Mozart's Polonaise really well. I asked her to memorize it for the next lesson. Next, she played a piece by Bach. She has a problem with this piece, because she doesn't keeps her fingers curved even tough she has been learning piano for 8 years. Since the first time we started our lesson in May 2007, I know that she'll have a problem with learning fast pieces because of her flat fingers. We use A Dozen A Day Book 1 as her finger exercise. The notes are easy to read (as she's really good at sight reading) and it helps her to focus more on her fingers. The journey isn't easy as it sounds: sometimes she gets frustrated, not because she can't but because she is not used to it. She is trying really hard & I won't give up for her.

Then it's time for Eva's lesson. She's a very smart and bright little pianist. I'll post her testimonial after this. Her family tells me that she likes to practice alot every day, every time. She can memorise a piece in a week. This year, she is taking a Preliminary Exam. She's very excited to go thru her 1st piano exam.

The sisters participated in Christmas Recital 2007 and they did really well.

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