Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Teaching on Tuesday

On Tuesday, I had 2 students: Peter & Suminto. Both on them came on time.

Peter was one of my adult beginner students when he started his piano lesson on October 2005. He is my first student since I came to Melbourne. He wanted to learn pop 60's 70's & easy classical pieces. I gave him Hanon to acquire speed, precision, agility and strength in the fingers because his fingers were weak and had no control. After a few years of lessons, I offered him to try out AMEB Exam. He took the challenge, had his first ever piano exam on November 2007 and obtained B+ for his 1st Grade exam. Good Job!! Did I mention that he participated in Christmas Recital 2007? It was his first performance and he did well. Since then, his technique, sight reading & confidence are definately improved so much! He is now becoming an adult intermediate student.

Now, he is ready for his 2nd Grade exam in the 1st session (Starting 21April). He learned all of the technical works required & has memorised 2 pieces. We just need 1 more piece to complete the requirement. He has a full-time job but still commit himself to become a pianist. By sharing Peter's journey, I hope to inspire all of you, especially an adult who always wanted to play piano for yourselves or special occasion but never had lessons before, to take the courage & fulfill your dreams. Learning piano only takes commitment & patience.

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