Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Bright Sunny Wednesday

Today I have 3 students on my agenda: Hannah (5), Juliette (5) & Matthew (13).

Hannah started her lesson on August last year. When she started, her little fingers could barely press the keys, but now she is improving a lot! After exercising her little fingers by “Walking up & down the piano” and a lot of chocolate (this helps a lot!), now she is playing piano using both hands in Middle C & C position. With the reinforcement from her mother at home, she is able to read 10 notes very fluently! She’s using Music For Little Mozarts Book 3 & theory book 1 for young children. Hannah made her first performance in Christmas Recital 2007 by performing “Jingle Bells”. This year, she is looking forward to perform solo and duet with Juliette.

Juliette is Matthew’s little sister. She just started her lesson on late January this year. She has the smallest-fingers I have ever seen! But that definitely doesn’t stop her from playing piano. She finished Music For Little Mozarts Book 1 in just 3 weeks! Now, she’s using Music For Little Mozarts Book 2 & theory book 1 for young children.

It is a bundle of joy teaching these 2 young talented little girls. I always give them a music game (which they really enjoy after a tiring or hot and sunny day) to attract their short attention span.
Matthew started his lesson on August last year. He came to me to get thru his 2nd Grade AMEB Exam and he received a High Distinction mark of A+. This year, he is doing his 3rd Grade Exam. It is really a big step for Matthew to choose Classical pieces for his 3rd grade Exam from boogie-jazzy pieces. He has some trouble, but I always show him how to practice the parts during lesson, so he just needs to review them at home. During his practice time at home, he had trouble to play a 8-bar phrase. But today after a 30minute lesson, he plays a 4-bar phrase without any mistake! I gave them a big piece of Butter cake, which I just baked it 1 or 2 days ago & he likes it! It really encourage Matthew to play small-chunks with perfection than a huge phrase with stopping and errors.

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