Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday - The First Monday of Winter!

It's June... Winter is here! :) six months has gone by and I'm very happy to see that my students are improving. We've gotta start choosing a song for them to perform @ Christmas Recital 2008.
This morning I went to the AMEB Office to submit the form for both practical & theory exams. I'll post the candidate details when I get the confirmation of enrolment.

My first student of the day was James, who came @ 4.30pm. My plan is to put him on Session 5 (Oct-Nov) practical exam. He has learned his 1st tune, James Bond, since last week. He progress well this week, just need to polish a couple of notes & dynamics.

Then Hannah came @ 5pm. She played Mary Had A Little Lamb melody both hands on piano & glockenspiel! Next week, she'll play the tune with LH chord and then we'll learn "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".

Stef didn't come today because she's currently in Sydney doing a work training. She'll be back next Monday. Her exam is 2 weeks from today.

Daniel progress really well this week. He always shows a significant progression every week. He always do what I suggested to do :) He is learning for his Grade 2 Piano for Leisure Exam. He likes all the pieces that he chose, and in fact, he will play one of the tune both hands next week.

Jane came last. She just started her first lesson in May 2008. She has a previous experienced in piano & now she wants to continue to learn classical pieces.

A little gift from Daniel - Thanks Dan! :)

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