Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday with Huge Improvement from Everyone

I am very pleased to say that every students made a huge improvement than last week! :)

Starting from James, who is learning his pieces for AMEB preliminary exam in November. He finished learning "James Bond Theme" And half way learning "Woe is Me". He used to play by ear, and now he is learning to play by reading the notes :) He's actually really good at reading, he just needs to be encourage to read the music.

Next is Hannah. She's progressing really well with "Music for Little Mozart book 3". She's also using "Leila book 1", which she likes both practicing and playing it. I gave her an excellent sticker for Mary had a Little Lamb. She played both hands - with the right notes & rhythm.

I have 1 new student who came @ 5.30pm, Eliza (17). Her goal is to continue AMEB piano exam & to be able to play and perform any songs by memory. She's a very brilliant & smart girl who needs a little help to continue her journey in piano. I look forward to a long & productive journey :)

The other student who made a huge improvement is Stanley. He finished learning all of the scale that is required for Grade 1 classical piano and he played List A piece really well. I would give him an A+ for that :) He is definately ready to be registered for the exam in November.

Stef came after Stan. She just had her exam on Saturday, so today we are relaxing. We start to plan her program for her A.MUS A Exam next year. I am really proud of Stef. She started her lesson with me, aiming for Grade 8, but now she has a very exciting plan a head of her.

Daniel always make a significant progress each week. One thing that he really improves is he has stronger fingers than he first started his lesson with me. Last time, he can't really control his fingers to play quavers in fast tempo, but today those quavers (with Staccato) becoming very easy for him to play! :)

The last student who made a huge improvement is Jane. She played Clementi Sonatina and Canon by Pachelbel without stopping. I can see that she made an effort to practice really hard within this week.

Keep up the good work!

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