Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Windy Wednesday

Today is a very windy day! The palm trees outside of my studio were making quite a 'scary-windy' sound :) But it doesn't affect my students at all. Because this week, they improve than last week & play beautiful music.

Ray came in @ 3.15pm. It's been 5 weeks since he learned "Minor Event" (one of the piece for his grade 3 exam) and today he plays it really well. He just need to put a little bit more dynamics & articulations to make the piece playful & fun!

Juliette & Matthew also improve this week. Juliette got 2 stamps for her little pieces. She played them with an excellent rhythm (eventhough she didn't count out loud). Matthew starting to understand the real meaning of "practice" :) We are building up the right habit of practicing & he got it now.

Rik came @ 5.30pm. During the lesson I asked him to read the music & know the notes before he starts to memorize them. He isn't used to of reading the notes and learning them, so it's very challenging stage for him. He's currently doing grade 1 piano for leisure. He wants to learn "HALO Theme", but we are prioritizing his exam pieces & then we'll have fun afterwards :)

Olivia, who is one of my adult student, is having a trouble playing in G Position. Her notes-reading is very excellent though, she just need to get used to of thinking G as the 1st note, instead of C.

The last student was Suminto. He is one of my student who learns improvisation. When he first started his lesson with me last year, he doesn't know anything about the piano :) He could play chords without knowing the name of the chords (i.e C major or G major etc) But now, he is very comfortable in improvising in the key of C major. He also knows the chords really well.

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