Friday, June 5, 2009

Lesson Update

It was an exciting & challenging first week in June! Students are learning new pieces & scales.

This week, we are focusing into the scales, as this is the very important element of the exam & learning piano! :) I assign 1 scale in a week for them to practice at home and suggest a "Practice-Scale-Method" to achieve the perfect smooth running scale. If they do practice the method everyday, they can play the scale without no hesitation on the following lesson. Students are also required to practice "A Dozen A Day" & "Schmitt or Hanon" everyday at home.

When learning new piece, I always break it down into smaller section. We analyze the piece during the lesson, so that the students will gain more understanding about the pieces before they learn the notes. By analyzing the piece, students will be able to learn the notes easier & faster section by section. That is what I am aiming for: effective practice.

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