Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Introducing Moira

Moira, 11 years Old

She came in for her lesson today at 4.00 PM... When she entered the door and sat at the bean bag, I found out that her left leg is wounded. She felt down somewhere along the way while she traveled to my studio with her brother. I take care of her before we start our lesson and put on the band aid.

I was worried that this little accident might disturb her concentration today, but amazingly it didn't affect her at all! She was giving me her best concentration & she successfully play both hands of Dance of Sugarplum Fairy halfway thru as well as Money Money Money. She could play D Major both hands smoothly! She will be doing AMEB Grade 2 Piano for Leisure & Theory Grade 1 this year.

She composed a blues piece called "Shaggy Blues" & performed it at Spring Music Carnival 2009.

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