Tuesday, March 30, 2010

6 days before Easter Sunday!

It is 6 days counting down till Easter Sunday so I have a bucket of easter chocolate eggs ready to be given for my students. Each one of them gets 1 chocolate egg & some of them take extra eggs for their siblings.

For those who miss this week's lesson, I will try my best to keep some eggs for you but I can't guarantee as it may be running out quickly! :)

There were 5 students on the first day of school holiday:

DanieL came at 11am while it was raining outside. We were focussing on Bach's Invention today. He still not sure with the notes, so we decided to go back to practise hand separately with metronome this time, to make sure that he is keeping a steady beat. He was very excited to perform this piece in Advance Group Class next Saturday. He really got Bee's Fur Elise & Axel F ready on his fingers! It's amazing to see how far Dan has progressed since the first time he had his piano lesson with me in 2008.

TessA came in the afternoon. Her lesson is actually on Friday but she will be away to Great Ocean Road during this long weekend. Even though she just came in on last Friday, she already made an improvement. She's very diligent in her work & a very hard working girl. We were focussing on Piazolla's Retrato de Alfredo Gobbi. She got the idea how to play this piece, although she needs to polish up the notes on the very last part of this piece :)

PegaH came straight after her work in CBD area. She just came back from France for 1 month & just started her piano lesson again recently. She will be doing Piano Grade 1 exam in September. She did her preliminary exam beginning last year & she is determine to take all grades even until diploma level :) I like her motivation & spirit in learning piano. She has been wanting to learn piano since she was little but didn't have the chance. Now, she's really taking piano seriously as her part of her life. It's been never been too late to learn piano! :) Learn it while you have the chance to learn it...

PeteR is another example of this. Music becomes part of his life and it's amazing to see how he performs his favorite pieces on the piano. He always participates in my Home Concerts & End-of-Year Recital. I recorded many videos of his performances. He will be away for 3 weeks but he has promise to take his theory grade 2 book with him so he can do his theory while he enjoys his holiday. I hope that'll works! :)

StefaniE also came straight after her work in CBD area. She has 2 exams to do this year: AmusA & ABRSM Jazz Grade 5. She will be participating in Eisteddfod Piano Competition 2010 in May. I'm also amazed on her dedication & motivation in learning piano. She's taking piano seriously & I hope she will become a piano teacher too one day :)

I am proud of my students, I am proud of every single one of them. Everyone is special & unique but in the end of the day, they all love music & they are taking this seriously :) I am a high achiever & I set a high expectation for them to do well in piano exams. I'm glad that my students are on the same page. They motivate & suport one another during home concerts.

I always remember Jane Bastien's Golden Rule "Treat each & every single child as if he or she were your very best student".

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