Sunday, March 14, 2010

The First Home Concert in 2010

Welcome to Home Concert 1!
10 students came including duo brother & sister, Suminto & Emilia. I am glad that they could join us this year. I hope to see them perform with us in Mid-Year & End-of-Year Recital this year :)

We opened the concert by playing 2 musical games: Twister & Flashcard Quiz. Ray was the only student who has to play scale today. He will be doing Grade 5 exam sometime in April or May. Everyone named a scale & Ray has to play it from memory. At the end of the concert, everyone stayed around for a while and enjoy the small refreshments. This is one of the factors why my students love to come to Home Concert :)

One of them sent a short message to me:
"Ria, thanks again for the concert. It was nice to get away from homework for a bit :)"

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