Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Goose bumps from Bach, Mozart to Beethoven!

I am proud of all of my students today! They make an amazing improvement from last week's lesson.

Let's start with StefaniE, who just had her birthday on Friday March 12th >>>Happy Birthday Stef!<<< She impressed me with her Mozart Sonata. She really captured Mozart's character in her playing. The playful slurs following by staccatos, She is going to play this piece for both her piano exam & Eisteddfod piano competition 2010 in May.

Next student is DaNieL. He came to Home Concert 1 on Saturday & played 3 pieces, and then 2 days later, he's going straight to the roof! He played Bach Invention No. 13 & Beethoven's Fur Elise. I didn't know how he did that but all I know, he gave me goose bumps! Even Celia, Dan's mother, who was reading a book & sitting comfortably on my super comfy bean bag, suddenly noticed him playing & got goose bumps as well! :) I invited Dan to come to advance home concert on the 10th April to test his performance in front of my grade 8 students. If he could perform those 2 like what he did today or even better, I will post it on my Youtube channel! Dan's interest in music has grown so much since the first time he had his first lesson with me. Now, he is getting more into classical music & his technique has improved so much a long the way. Well done Daniel! Keep up the good work!

Earlier today, EmiLiA came at 3pm for her lesson. She came to visit Home Concert 1 on Saturday & today, she could play Chopin's Waltz really well. She is starting to play both hands for page 1 & 2. I am confident that by next week or two. She surprises me with Bumble Boogie from Piano for Leisure book Grade 8. According to her little brother, Suminto, she has been learning it by herself at home. I request her to perform this piece for End-of-Year recital :)

MaTT is focusing to get one of his piece, Proud Mary. He has been practising the most difficult part, which is RH crotchet triplets & straight forward crotchet with quavers rhythm on the LH and he has succesfully tackle that part. Now he needs to make sure that the whole song will run smoothly without any hiccups.

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