Wednesday, March 31, 2010

School Holiday Day 3

It is 4 days away till Easter & the easter chocolate eggs are still up for grab! :)

KinA is the first student on my list for today. She is a working piano student & comes on every Wednesday during her day off. We have set an exciting plan for her to achieve this year. She is learning Malaguena by Albeniz & she has to perform it for my very first Mid-Year Recital. She is also learning 2 other pieces, Chopin's Prelude & Bach Prelude No. 2 for End-of-Year Recital. She's nervous to do performance but she doesn't give up & take the challenge really well! :)

SaM, who is also a working piano student, comes at 3pm for her lesson. She is an adult beginner student, who just started her lesson on 17th March.

Adi is my last student on the list today. He has made an improvement for the last 2 weeks. Today we set down a date when he will be doing his Grade 5 exam AND we also decide to jump to Grade 7 after his exam. He looks excited & I hope he will do more practise & progress well every week :)

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