Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thank You...

Dear Parents & Students & Friends of Ria MusicDesign Studio,

I would like to say thank you very much for your support for me & my family during this hard time. It was such a shocking news that I had to left Melbourne so suddenly.

My dearest father passed away on Tuesday 22nd June at 3.45am in Jakarta, Indonesia. I had no idea that he had left this world as I was on the plane from Melbourne to Jakarta. The original plans was I had a flight booked to Jakarta on Sunday 27th June & we made plans to travel around Indonesia for 2 weeks. My dad was looking forward to travel with the 3 of us: me, mom & my brother.

During his last few days in the hospital, he watched the last 3 of my videos that I posted on Youtube:
1) Burung Kakak Tua (Cuckatoo)
2) Bengawan Solo (Tribute to Gesang)
3) Naik-naik ke Puncak Gunung

I posted these videos hoping that he would feel happy & light and not thinking about his conditions. Mom told me that whenever dad viewed these video, he cried... I hope he is proud of me :)

I have been in Jakarta for about 3 weeks now to spend time with my mom & brother. I will be flying off to Melbourne on Wednesday 21st July and I will be teaching piano on the next day, Thursday 22nd July. I am excited to teach my students again. We are going to organize Mid-Year Recital in August & End-of-Year Recital in November plus lots of piano exams in between.

Thank you once again for all the love & support that you all gave for me & and my family.


Rica Angela Wijaya said...

You have the most talents on playing the piano. Your beautiful heart, mind, and soul have fulfill everyone who listens to your instruments... We are proud of you; so as your Dad who heart you in life.

Keep it up to Entertain this world Ri!!


Ria Music Design Studio said...

Thank you Rica for our love & encouragement :) xoxo