Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Truth Behind AMEB Session 4 Results! :D

Matt - Piano for Leisure Grade 7 (A+)
I feel thrilled & excited whenever I see a big envelope from AMEB. Imagine a little girl receives a special gift for her birthday! :) I tear the envelope, take out the papers out of the envelope & open up the papers slowly... The first thing that I am looking forward, is the result box, which is located towards the end of the report: It is an A+ and A this time!! :)

It is a very special A+ and A because there is a drama behind these wonderful results. It all started with a very sad news when my mom called me to get a flight to Jakarta ASAP on Monday 21st June. It turned out my dad passed away the next day, while I was on the plane. I was daddy's little girl... A lot of people say that I look exactly like my dad.

I had to stay in Jakarta for 4 weeks until July 22nd to be with my mother & brother. In the mean time, these 2 students, Adi & Matt, were scheduled for their piano exam on Aug 21st & theory on Aug 25th. Adi was away from June and started his lesson on August 4th, meaning there was only less than 3 weeks to get ready for his exam!! Matt was thinking to postpone his piano exam until 2 weeks later. Not to mention, I have 2 other students, Ray & Emilia, scheduled for theory exam (oh noo...!!).

Being an organized person, who wants to be controlled of all situation, I started to panicking as well... but I know that my students will be fine. I really know their capability & their talent. Thank God I have wonderfully talented & smart students!! (this applies to all of my students too!) Yes of course, sometimes they are giving me hard time, but it was fun and I NEVER consider it as a burden. It is a process of learning & teaching between students & teacher.

When I came back in Melbourne, I started to call my students & scheduled their lessons to 2x a week. Adi came on every Wednesday and Friday. Emilia had double lessons on Thursday, Ray came on every Tuesday afternoon and Friday. Matt came on Monday 5pm and Thursday 7.30pm until 9pm!

In the end, "Hard work pays off!". When you work hard, spend time to study & practise, it will never go wasted! :)

Thank You:
God & daddy! I know they are helping me from heaven :)
Adi & Matt for working extra hard for these exams! I am really proud of you guys!!

Stay tune for their theory results!!
There was a drama behind the theory exam as well... Most of you would've know it from my facebook page.

Adi - Piano for Leisure Grade 5 (A)

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