Saturday, August 14, 2010

Celebrating Ria's Birthday 2010

What do I like about my job?
(Well it isn't a job really, it's more like a hobby)

I can organise a home concert to celebrate my birthday! :)

12 students came and performed their pieces that they are preparing for exams or end-of-year recital.
It's good to see my students meet together again since it has been awhile since the last home concert.
The next one will be in September and it'll be 2 months away until the recital!

How exciting!!! :)

Dan, Ray, Matt, Rik, Peter
Stella, Kina, Emilia, Me, Agnes, Tessa, Stefanie

Dan, Ray, Rik, Peter, Tessa, Stef
Stella, Matt, Agnes, Me, Emilia, Eggi


Presents from my students:

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