Monday, November 29, 2010

2010 Annual Piano Recital

It was a concert to remember...

I had a super duper great time listening to my students performing, chatting with parents, students & friends as well as new friends.

God has been giving me THE best memorable experienceS this year. Some were too painful to remember but I could write a song & Let Go of every single feelings that I had. In the beginning, it was a tear of sadness, but now it has turned into to a tear of happiness :')

T H A N K  Y O U to:

1. 100 audiences who attended yesterday. It wont be a successful event without your presence :) Sorry I couldn't greet all of you in person during the meal but I would like to know you all so please add my facebook & we can keep in touch for our next year's event.

2. My lovely helpers & photographer who did the work in background... You know who you are :) Next year, I need more people to help me during the pre-concert prep so I won't be so nervous :P

3. Parents & students who had generously provided the yummy food. Couldn't believe the feast we had yesterday!! :) I didn't get to taste all of them, but I'm sure they were lovely!

Thank you everyone for supporting my work, my hobby & my passion. We'll continue to work harder & harder next year.

With lots of joy, happiness & love,

Ria Angelika Polo
(On behalf of my students)

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