Sunday, December 11, 2011

Introducing: Nadine Nheu (10 years old)

Her name is Nadine. She started her lesson with me since the beginning of this year. Before that, she has learned for quite sometime but never find the inspiration and motivation in learning piano. From the first time she attended her lesson with me, I could see a hidden talent that is waiting to be unleashed...

I must say, she has done a great job! She achieved A+ for her first piano exam!! She was excited about it and her mother was really proud of her.

On top of that, during her last lesson today, she surprised me by composing a phenomenal song! She composed it on her own. Apparently she got an inspiration after participating at RMDS 2011 recital!

You must listen to her composition below! It sounds amazing and you can understand why she called it Evil Cloud. She captures the emotion and ambience really well.

Good job Nadine, keep up the good work! I would like to see you grow as a fine pianist and also, a composer :)

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Serafim Autumn said...

Good Job Nadine.
I like it !!!