Thursday, March 1, 2012

Home Concert 1 & Trivia Quiz

9 students came on Saturday Feb 25th to attend the first Home Concert in 2012. Although it was extremely hot outside, probably around 40 degrees, but we managed to survive inside the studio & had lots of fun! Surely, there were lots of laugh, joy & happiness seeing one another again after the long break.

After I greeted the parents & students, we had an ice breaker. I asked 10 questions about the end of year recital that we had last year. Let's see how many correct answers you get from watching the videos & teasers that I posted so far:

1. How many piano performers?
2. What is the title of the concert?
3. How many students sang at last year's concert?
4. Who are they?
5. What was the title that Serafim sang?
6. How many pieces did Nadine perform?
7. Who danced in the middle of the performance? (full name required)
8. How many pieces were performed?
9. How many pair of siblings performed at the concert?
10. A tie breaker question: What was the date of the concert?

And the winner is......................

Well, that was just a small part of fun that we had on the day! :)

The next home concert will be on Saturday March 17th. Parents & students don't forget to put it on your diary. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again! :)

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