Friday, July 13, 2012

2 exciting news!

School holiday is almost over & term 3 will be coming soon in 3 days!

During the holiday, I taught a number of students who will be doing their piano exam in the next couple of months, and I took some days off work to travel to Gold Coast and around Victoria with my mum.

I have 2 exciting news, which I'm not going to reveal now... Actually, one has been going on for awhile but I haven't made an announcement. The other one will be happening tomorrow.

So stay tune, and check my blog regularly! :)

Just a glimpse of term 3:

A lot of students will be doing their piano and theory exams in August & September, which means Home Concerts will be held intensively to make sure that students will be up and ready for their exams. To sum up, it will be a busy, hectic, fun and exciting term! :)

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