Thursday, April 11, 2013

Term 2 Starts on Monday

We are on the last week of school holiday and commencing term 2 on Monday. I am glad to see that everyone is enjoying their lessons. In the next coming month, some students are going to face their piano and theory exams. Exciting! :)

When learning pieces for exam, teacher must make sure that the student make a progress every week, whether it's big or small achievements. I find it helpful to set a small goal for example by next lesson student must be able to play Hands Separately smoothly line 1, which normally goes for 3-4 bars. You'll be able to see in your students' eyes that things are becoming easier and lighter instead of asking them to do the whole page.

By doing this, they are more excited and encouraged to do more than what the teacher asked them to practice at home.

Many more exciting events are happening in term 2, but more details coming up closer to the date! :) Stay tune for Home Concert Series too!

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